Insurable Interest

Insurance Regulation and Legislation


Are You Protected If Your Insurance Company Goes Belly-Up?

The French Connection and Executive Life Insurance

Harvey and Irma Jeopardize 2017 Earnings, Says Munich Re

Travelers Insurance Expects Hurricane Harvey Losses Between $375M-$750M

Irma Analysis: Insurer Financial Stress Unlikely If Early Loss Estimates Hold

Hurricane Costs Become Talk of Monte Carlo’s Reinsurance Rendez-Vous

As Irma Looms, This Small Insurer Has an Outsized Bet on Florida

Commodity risk

Compliance Risk

Combined Ratios


Insurance Industry Outlook

Insurance Market Overview

Harvey cost

US Insurance Brokers

Direct Writer







Largest Reinsurers

AUG 2017

AUG 2017

AUG 2017

AUG 2017


(1) Story

Sep 2017


(2) Story

Aug 31, 2017



(3) Story

Aug 15, 2017



(4) Story

July 5, 2017



(5) Story


(6) Story


(7) Story

(8) Story

Impact on Insurers

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